ATTENTION I'm looking for 30 mothers who want their SANITY & JOY back ✌🏾

mental space for mama

*the online summer camp for peace of mind*

If you're a 24/7 kind of mom,
I've got the SIMPLE STEPS to a meditation practice that will transform you!

Don't stress. In 4 short videos you'll be able to CALM your emotions, ❤️
be more PRESENT with your children, 🤗 and hear the voice of God again. 🙏 

Mental Space for Mama $247 Only $37

 Practice Peace  Knowing how to meditate and creating home-life boundaries brings PEACE and contentment to YOU and your HOME. 

  Created for the 24/7 mom Are your nerves on fire? We'll address how to tackle it all – babies, dogs, kids, spouses, jobs, time, small living space, etc! So you can carve out time and resources for yourself.

 Step-by-Step Guidance My easy-to-follow blueprint makes it SIMPLE, and gives you the confidence to start right away.

 Quiet the mind  It's hard to hear the voice of God without stilling the soul. This tech-free/phone-free practice will help you reconnect during the season of motherhood.

  Short Classes No Zoom & No excessive content! Watch at your own convenience – as I create it, I'll drop the classes so you have right away.

  You can have mental clarity without meds, coffee, or phones

  Even with busy days and sleepless nights! Totally mom-friendly!

  Let me show you the easy habits to fit into your unique lifestyle

 Mental space calms the mind and increases intuition & self-trust


I believe when a mother is empowered, the world improves. And in motherhood, life is best lived with a sense of ease. A regular quiet time-practice is LIFE GIVING and brings that sense of EASE back to parenting.


Reason #1 - I need your opinion!
I'm gathering as many real honest reviews for this class, before I start selling it full price. I'd love for you to grab this info over the summer and give your real-life feedback for me and other mothers!

Reason #2 - Brand Awareness
While I've been growing my family, I've also been creating ways to share grounding practices for mothers. Join a growing, passionate community that supports one in parenthood!


Scripts for how to implement Family & Personal Boundaries with LOVE  ... (family coaching, value $150)

Ideas for Creating a Sacred Space in ANY environment and with ANY budget ...(home design, value $150)

Options to Choose the BEST Meditation-Style For Your Life ...(meditation teaching, value $300)

Solutions to Eliminate any Obstacle in Your Way + How to Create Long-Term Sustainable Change  ...(meditation coaching, value $400)

 24/7 Email Access for Personal Answers to your Questions ...(coaching, value $350)

 Exclusive Invite to our Meditating Mothers Community for Friendship and Support ... (accountability, value $100)


Normally $247

Enroll today for just $37!

Commonly asked Questions

What kind of meditation style will I be learning?  I will be teaching you a handful of beautiful and successful meditation styles. All of which I have tried and tested, and I've used in different times of my life.

Is the meditation you teach from a specific religion?  Meditation is a human practice before it is a religious one. Many religions utilize stillness as key to reaching spiritual heights. My personal beliefs follow Christianity, and I will have examples of meditation as prayer. However the purpose of the course is to have an easy and intentional way for mothers to connect deeply to themselves + God, customized only to them.

Will I be doing chanting?  That's a no. Unless you want to? But this is more about quiet time and creating a restful time and place for yourself. What you do after meditation is up to you!

I am up all night with a baby/work all day/stay at home parent. How can I even watch the videos, much less do the practice?  That's the reason I made this. The videos will be super short and to-the-point. I'm giving you plug-and-play, with minimal problem solving :) I have 3 boys, including a new baby, so I'm here with you.

mental space for mama

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